The 18th Annual “Anything That Floats” Raft Races–a Homecoming event

The 18th Annual “Anything That Floats” Raft Races took place on Thursday, November 11 as part of the NSU Homecoming Week.  Seventeen rafts, constructed by NSU students, set sail on the Gold Circle Lake to compete for one of three exciting prizes.  If you have taken the opportunity to attend a raft race, you have not yet fully lived the NSU Experience.  While some students sail smoothly past the shark that lurks in the Gold Circle Lake, many rafts fall prey…or at least fall apart… as they attempt to charter the chilling waters of the Gold Circle Lake.

The first prize winner was the Rotoract Club who stacked the race with three rafts in the competition.  They won $750 towards their student organization account, Dolphin tickets for all team members, and Homecoming Dance tickets for all team members.  The second place team was the RecPlex raft composed of students who work for or workout with Campus Recreation.  They won $500 toward their account and Homecoming Dance tickets for all their team members.  The third place team was the Beta Theta Pi and Delta Phi Epsilon raft who joined forces to demonstrate the power of collaboration.  This team will split $250 between their organization accounts and Homecoming Dance tickets for their  team members.

CLICK HERE to see Photos from this event.

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