NSU Tampa graduate student shares own experience as a Hispanic author

Ytalo Donadelli, a current graduate student at the NSU Tampa Student Educational Center, spoke to students on Thursday, Sept. 29 about his experience as a Hispanic author in the United States. During his presentation, he shared some of his life experiences and challenges.

Donadelli is a proud husband and father of three children. He has published two books: Samdori and De los restos de Caín.  In addition to being an author and raising a family in the United States, Donadelli has also traveled extensively. He wrote for several newspapers in Venzuela and worked side by side with leprosy patients in Africa. Donadelli studied sociology in Spain at the Institute of Sociology and Development of Iberic Area in Madrid, where he obtained a degree in sociology.  He also earned a law degree from Santa Maria Univeristy in Caracas, Venezuela. Donadelli has had a successful, rewarding journey, leaving an impact on many people.  His journey continues at NSU, where he is currently studying in the International Teacher Education Program.

Ytalo Donadelli

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