NSU Predoctoral Dental Assistant Wins on The Price is Right

Nancy Rich Price is RightBy Jasmine Cheema | NSU CDM Class of ’18

Nancy Rich, a dental assistant at Nova’s dental clinic, bought a red-eye flight to her home state of California for a high school reunion when she decided to get tickets to The Price is Right.

She had been watching the show since the age of 13 – to see a taping in the CBS Bob Barker Studio would be a dream come true. Without expectation to participate in the show, Nancy was shocked when she heard the iconic phrase, “Nancy Rich, come on down!” Nancy battled her fellow contestants to guess the price of a dishwasher. With the closest guess to the actual price (without going over, of course), Nancy advanced to the Hot Seat.

“I was shocked! I ran up on stage and gave Drew Carey a big hug!”

In the Hot Seat Nancy had the chance to win $20,000. Sitting in a moving chair, Nancy had 35 seconds to guess ‘higher or lower’ on the price of five items. After correctly guessing the first four items’ prices correctly, Nancy decided to stop with $10,000 in winnings. Turns out, she had guessed all five prices right! Nancy won once again on the Big Wheel round after a tense spin-off with another contestant and advanced to the Showcase Showdown.

“I always said if I ever got on The Price is Right, I would win a trip to Florida. Sure enough, when the curtain opened there was a trip to Tampa, Fl., Victoria, B.C., and a new Hyundai Veloster! I couldn’t pass that showcase up. My bid was $24,655—the actual retail price was $29,948—and I won!”

It was beyond Nancy’s imagination that a trip to her high school reunion would end in returning to South Florida with winnings totaling $41,326. Nancy has become a celebrity amongst the NSU College of Dental Medicine family. Here’s a link to watch the exciting segment, which aired on January 16, 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMdkM-eGusM

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