NSU Hall of Fame Facebook Contest Draws Controversy, Winners

More than one hundred people participated in the Huizenga Business School Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Trivia Contest last week, but only four people were destined to win.

Conducted over four days, with the grand prize being awarded on the day of the Hall of Fame, participants were challenged to answer a series of trivia questions, such as naming the companies founded by, and sports franchises owned by H. Wayne Huizenga. Other questions included naming the first and second women to be inducted into the Hall of Fame (the second of whom – Beverly Raphael – was inducted this year), and naming the branch of military in which William E. Mahoney served, and the cities in which he has offices.

But the most controversial was asking the seemingly simple question: “What was the exact model and year of the car that Papa John was reunited with during the summer of 2009, and how much did he pay to get it back?”

A quick check of the Papa John’s website shows that it was a 1972 Camaro Z28, for which he paid $250,000. But a flurry of over 60 comments on the post insisted that it was a ’71 Camaro because it was manufactured in the middle of ’71. Other posts indicated that it was actually $275,000 when you take into consideration the finder’s fee for the person who tracked down the original Camaro. But the contest used the official website for the answer… regardless, we all learned a lot!

J. Tyler Wilson, a student athlete, and Lauren Serdencuk both won Huizenga Business School polo shirts, courtesy of the dean’s office, Huizenga Business School. Matthew Ricci, a Huizenga Business School student and OIT staff member won a $100 gift certificate for fine dining at The Chart House or any of Landry’s other restaurants, courtesy of William E. Mahoney, Jr., Mahoney and Associates.

But taking ‘the big cheese,’ a $300 gift card to Papa John’s courtesy of John H. Schnatter, Papa John’s International, Inc., was Kathrine Speaker, a first year Shepard Broad law student. When asked how she could possibly eat that much pizza, she answered, “I’m planning on throwing a pizza party for my law class, and I imagine I’ll still have plenty left over!”

In the end, fun was had by all.

Were you not in on the contest?  “Like” NSU’s Facebook page for future contests and to keep up on all NSU news here: http://www.facebook.com/NovaSoutheastern

Joe Pineda, Assistant Dean of External Affairs; Kathrine Speaker, first year Shepard Broad law student; Dean Michael Fields, Huizenga Business School; Matthew Ricci, Huizenga Business School student and OIT staff member; and Jade Chen, Director of Development, Huizenga Business School; (not pictured: Lauren Serdencuk and J. Tyler Wilson, student athlete

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