Identify Scholarships Using Foundation Center Resources (May 15)

2018 Scholarship Workshop

Free workshops with an open lab.  Learn about:

  • Resources available to find scholarships
  • Tools you need to start your search
  • How to tailor your search based on your field of study
  • Tips and tricks for an efficient search

Limited seating available.

Register at: or call (954) 262-4613

3 thoughts on “Identify Scholarships Using Foundation Center Resources (May 15)

  1. will these workshops be posted online for people who cannot attend to the campus when its being held? I have student loans, but it would be nice to find a scholarship. I have tried looking on the websites given to me by financial aid when i first looked into the program and I found it VERY Confusing and you click on a link and it ends up sending you somewhere else and you don’t get anywhere. I could not tell if it was legitimate or not, and they always ask for all your info and I did not want a bunch of random places calling my phone to advertise, etc.

    Please advise with info. thank you!!

  2. I am also interested in finding out if this workshop will have an online component as I will be doing classes online through the Tampa campus and am needing scholarship funds to help pay for school

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