Hispanic Heritage Month: Charanga Tipica in Concert (Oct. 14, 2018)

Hispanic Heritage Month: Charanga Tipica in Concert

Charanga Tipica Tropical play infectious Charanga Latin Salsa music. The musicians, composed of bassist, pianist, violinist, flutist, vocalists and more,  will have you moving out of your seat.

Charanga Tipica Tropical was founded in Los Angeles, California and later relocated to Miami, Florida. Their style of music is known as Charanga Latin Salsa music. Their infectious rhythms are the result of their varied instrumental composition which includes violin, flute, trombone, piano, bass, timbales, congas, guiro and vocalists. They are considered one of the best Latin groups in the U.S. and have performed throughout the United States and internationally such as Zurich, Switzerland, France and others.

RSVP online or by calling (954) 262-5477, Public Library Services Department.

Parking is $1 per hour on the 1st Floor of the Parking Garage.

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