Hillel Jewish Student Life Center Is Now Open.

Hillel is now open

Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach, a Jewish student organization, will now have an office in Room 109 of The Commons Residence Hall starting this fall called the Jewish Life Center.

According to, Meredith Wogalter, an intern at Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach who will soon become the president of the NSU’s Hillel student organization, the office will be a space for students to meet and hang out.

Samantha Liebhaber, engagement associate at Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach, said that with this new facility, the organization can now host programs, Shabbat dinners, lunches and more. The space is not only for the organization but also for all Jewish students to attend these programs.

The center is conveniently located on the NSU main campus, in The Commons Residence Hall, Room 109.

For more information, please contact Samanthan Liebhaber at sam@hillelcenter.org or call (561) 297-4118.

Visit our Web site at www.hillelcenter.org.


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