Highlighting the Achievements of Medical Sonography at NSU


The Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences Anniversary Highlights
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PCHCS 25 yearsSince its creation in 2004, the Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences’ Department of Health Science Medical Sonography Program has “talked the talk and walked the walk,” evolving into one of the most prestigious sonography programs in the United States and abroad. Guided by the vision, mission, and core values of Nova Southeastern University, the program succeeds in pursuing academic excellence, focusing on student-centered- ness, valuing integrity, promoting innovation, providing opportunity, seeking diversity, facilitating scholarship and research, and serving the surrounding communities.

Established in 2004, the Medical Sonography Program offered the Bachelor of Health Science degree with a concentration in vascular sonography. In 2009, the program initiated the option for a Master of Health Science (M.H.Sc.) degree. In 2011, the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography published an assessment of the new trends in the medical sonography field in the Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, which included an analysis of recommended program outcomes.

Highlights the Achievements of Medical Sonography at NSU

This assessment prompted the program to expand in 2013 with the addition of the general concentration, while maintaining the original vascular curriculum. The inclusion of the general concentration offered new students the opportunity to earn two credentials in up to four specialties: vascular, abdomen, obstetrics and gynecology, and breast. Graduates of the Medical Sonography Program with the generalist con-centration are prepared to fill emergent changes and trends in the medical field.

You may read the complete article in our upcoming 2018 Perspectives Summer/Fall issue forthcoming in August 2018 on page 36 by visiting healthsciences.nova.edu/studentaffairs/messenger.html.

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