Hands on a Public Safety Car Contest – Apr. 12

Hands on a Public Safety Car Contest - Apr. 12April 12 – Kappa Sigma’s newest contest is a philanthropy event where all proceeds will be donated to The Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign. Whether a contestant or just watching, all donations are greatly appreciated!

The Hands on a Public Safety Car Contest is a philanthropy event hosted by The Kappa Sigma Fraternity with the support of Public Safety, Shark Preview, and the USGA. Contestants will be tasked with keeping their hands on the Public Safety car as long as possible.

The winner gets a $150 cash prize.

A $5 fee is required for all contestants.

For anyone not looking to be in the contest, a host of tricks are available to play on the contestants with a donation of $1-$5, including buckets of ice water and pie in the face. All payments and donations can be made in cash or card.

Free food will be available.

Click here to sign up.


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