Faculty Panel to Discuss “Memes” Inspired by Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins

Are you familiar with “memes”? On Monday, Feb. 14, the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences Division of Math, Science, and Technology will host a faculty panel titled “Kin You Spell M-E-M-E?: The Research and Impact of Richard Dawkins.” The event will take place from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the Parker Building, room 123C.

This panel discussion will focus on research, such as “kin selection” (an evolutionary biology concept), brain function, and “memes” (a unit for transmitting ideas and cultural symbols between people, societies, and generations) inspired by noted evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. Several decades of Dawkins’s work and research have resulted in influential and groundbreaking ideas in evolutionary biology, ethology, and beyond. Beginning with his landmark 1976 book The Selfish Gene, Dawkins has explored disciplines as varied as molecular genetics, evolutionary biology, sociobiology, and theology.

This faculty panel will look at these ideas in the context of current research and contemporary ideas. Participants include Mark Cavanaugh, Ph.D.; Joshua Feingold, Ph.D.; Jose Lopez, Ph.D.; and Jaime Tartar, Ph.D.; associate professors in the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences.

For more information, please contact Jose Lopez at (954) 262-8193.

This panel discussion serves as a companion event to the Distinguished Speakers Series talk by Richard Dawkins, M.A., D.Phil. Dawkins will speak at NSU on Thursday, Feb. 17, in the Arena at the Don Taft University Center, at 7:00 p.m. The lecture is free, but tickets are required. For more information, call (954) 262-8236.

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