Database Training Series – Credo Reference (Nov. 15)

 Credo Reference
Join Kathy Fagan as she reviews the Credo Reference platform, and what they offer beyond that and its Academic Core database.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 11 am – 12 pm

Alvin Sherman Library, Lab A (Second Floor)


  • Credo Online Reference Service – guides students in the research process by giving them manageable foundational knowledge and scaffolding the flow of research information to them
  • Info Lit Modules – The modules are ADA-compliant, ACRL-aligned assets designed to engage your students and teach them the information literacy skills they need to thrive in the college environment and beyond. A suite of regularly updated videos, tutorials and quizzes allow you to multiply yourselves and scale up to meet students in a variety of settings – in one-shots, as embedded librarians and at point-of-need on your website, in your Libguides or in the LMS.
  • Optional additions – including Issue Briefs, where students will benefit from access to cutting-edge content in the news to help give them context, motivate them and jumpstart the research process , customized topic pages, additional deeper subject-specific reference titles, and more.

REGISTER HERE for In-person, Online, or Recording access.

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