Congratulations to the ‘2020 Legacy Scholarship’ recipient!

Evgeny Munkov
Evgeny Munkov – Strategic Forum Student Group

Congratulations to the ‘2020 Legacy Scholarship’ recipient; Evgeny Munkov – Strategic Forum Student Group

Thank you to all of our 2020 Legacy Scholar donors:

Jamilla Abughali
Victoria Benevento
Jacqueline Benigni
Carmen De Jesus
Chiara Espinal
Pedro Fuentes
Erica Griffin
Andrea Gruger
Kelly Harrison
Craig Johnson
Anna Kieszkowski
Juliette Kitchens
Marissa Kurtzer
Marylin Lameck
Duc Le
Evgeny Munkov
Marianela Pena-Martinez
Christian Perlini
Lesa Phillips
Leonard Pounds
Bansi Savla
Jodi Tandet
Steffani Tiomno
Christoph Trieb
Lilian Monique Valle
Candace Williams
Jose Yepez
Soutsakhone Xayavong

The 2020 Legacy Scholars Program is a student giving campaign to build Shark Pride, while supporting our students. Money can be donated to any recognized and participating NSU student organization. For every dollar raised at or above $250, NSU will match the amount up to a maximum of $2,500. This past semester we had a total of 45 participating organizations, of which 1 established the scholarship that was awarded to one member of the organization. The next round of scholarships will be awarded in March 2014.

To learn more about the 2020 Legacy Scholars program, please visit

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