Center for Psychological Studies Professor Presented at National Conferences on Suicide Prevention & Assisted Florida School District

Scott Poland, Ph.D.
Scott Poland, Ph.D.

Scott Poland, Ph.D., a professor at NSU’s Center for Psychological Studies (CPS) recently provided an workshop at the American Association of Suicidology Annual Convention in Los Angeles, CA. His topic was on suicide legal issues and schools. In addition, Poland also provided the keynote address at the Idaho State Prevention Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. His address focused on lessons for prevention and intervention from the front lines of school crisis.

In addition, Poland recently provided extensive assistance to the School District of Volusia County, Florida in the aftermath of numerous student suicides. He has provided training to all administrators, school support personnel and numerous parents. Poland is also involved in helping Volusia County develop a school and community partnership to increase prevention efforts and mental health services available to students.

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