CAHSS Students’ Mural Painted at TRED’s Reception Area

MuralIn collaboration with Professor Kandy Lopez-Moreno and her students from the Department of Performing and Visual Arts at the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS), Painting I course, participated in a mural designing contest with the administrative offices of Translational Research and Economic Development led by H. Thomas Temple, M.D.  The winning team/mural design was selected and narrowed down by a number of processes, leading to the final mural being painted by NSU students in the reception area of the research administration offices.

The winning team of students were Jessica Cavalier, Treycy Romeus and Aina Rivas, all first year students with the Department of Performing and Visual Arts. Four murals were submitted to the research administration office and voted on to select the winning mural team. The students, tackled the completion of the mural over a 5-week period, during their regularly scheduled class time.

MuralThe winning mural represents innovation from the mind of a single scientist, that grows to an idea that is built upon by other scientists. Their minds work in unison like gears inside of a machine or an engine, ideas that will inevitably build upon the foundations of research on top of these ideas and scientific findings. We wanted to capture the amazing work of NSU TRED by depicting the elements of the growth of the information collected as a whole symbolic of the NSU Sharks, our mascot is also included as it is the students and faculty that pave the way for the research and lead to Realizing Potential.

muralEvery semester of Painting I will focus on a final mural project for the university to further their visibility and to provide innovative experiential learning for students. On behalf of the offices of Translational Research and Economic Development, we invite all NSU faculty, staff and students to stop by any time to view our beautiful custom designed mural.


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