10th Annual NSU Regional Campus NFL Challenge (Sign up deadline: Sept. 6)

10th Annual NSU Regional Campus NFL Challenge

This is a pro football weekly “pick’em” challenge. Each week you select all of the teams you think will win. You have a 50/50 chance of selecting the correct team. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT FOOTBALL FAN TO PLAY!

To join, simply follow the link https://www.pooltracker.com/join.asp?poolid=158567 and create a username and password.

You MUST include your campus (city) somewhere in your name:

for example Sheena – Tampa or Michael – Orlando

If you do not add your campus name, your score will not be counted! 



All NSU Regional Campuses compete including: Jacksonville, Palm Beach, Orlando, Fort Myers, Puerto Rico, and Miami for the coveted Regional Campus Football Trophy – currently residing at…the Tampa Campus. The campus with the top 5 highest scores after Week 12 wins the trophy.

The season starts next Thursday, Sept. 6, so make sure you sign up before the first game.

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