Zoom Etiquette for NSU Sharks

Maximize Virtual Classroom Learning

Be Present and Limit Distractions

  • Identify a quiet physical work space for class!
  • Silence your phone or move it to another space to ensure that you are fully present to listen, learn, and engage in class discussion.
  • Remind your housemates of your daily class schedule to ensure a quiet, controlled learning environment.

Mute Your Mic

  • Background noise can easily distract your instructors and classmates.
  • Remember to mute your microphone by clicking the icon on the bottom left corner of your screen, unless you are asking a question, contributing to class discussion, or giving a presentation.

Dress for Success

  • If you wouldn’t wear it to class, don’t wear it on Zoom!
  • Zoom is your new classroom. Dressing appropriately from head to toe will help you get into a learning mindset AND show respect to your faculty and classmates.

Be Aware of Your Backdrop

  • Remember, you will be on camera during a Zoom classroom session. While your instructor looks at the class to make sure everyone is engaged, double check your background is appropriate (ex. blank wall).

Raise Your Hand

  • To maximize class flow and participation, visibly raise your hand before unmuting your mic to speak OR ask your faculty if they would rather use Zoom’s “Raise Your Hand” function in the Participants box.
  • Utilize the Chat box to ask questions and provide feedback!

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