‘Wonder Women’ at NSU

“Wonder Women” at NSU
“Wonder Women” at NSU panel and Career Development staff from left to right: Regional Vice President Tina Diehl, Special Agent Alexis Carpinteri, Captain Nicole V. Bastian, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jacqueline A. Travisano, Assistant Director of On-Campus Recruiting Megan Burns, Executive Director of Career Development Shari Saperstein, and Professor of English and Gender Studies Dr. Kathleen Waites.

“Wonder Women” at NSU“Wonder Women” at NSUOver 80 students were in attendance for “Wonder Women” hosted by Career Development on November 19 from Noon- 1 p.m. in the Alvin Sherman Library, Cotilla Gallery.  The panel, facilitated by Dr. Kathleen Waites, professor of English and Gender Studies in the Humanities Division of Nova Southeastern University’s Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, consisted of women leaders in their field including Captain Nicole V. Bastian, USMC, Special Agent Alexis Carpinteri, FBI, Regional Vice President Tina Diehl, Enterprise Holdings, and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Jacqueline A. Travisano, NSU.  Students were able to hear discussions about topics including balancing family life and career, finding confidence as a women in a majority men workplace, and overcoming obstacles to become woman leaders.  Each panelist had different perspectives and experiences in their field that appealed to different audience members.  Sophomore Sarah Watson said, “I was inspired by how each speaker was able to push through hardships and still be successful.  Speakers at NSU can surprise you and anything they say could be beneficial to you.”

Career Development plans to have more events like “Wonder Women” in the future.  Megan Burns, Assistant Director of On-Campus Recruiting, said, “Employers that are attending these type of events have a deep interest in meeting NSU students and inspiring them for their future careers.”  For more information about Career Development go to www.nova.edu/career or call (954) 262-7201.

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