Undergraduate Students Recognized for Award-Winning Scholarship, Creativity

Undergraduate Student Symposium -- winning logo design
NSU student Albina Subkhangulova designed the winning logo (pictured) for next year’s Undergraduate Student Symposium.

NSU’s Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences hosted a ceremony and luncheon on April 22, 2013 to honor outstanding scholarship and creative works by NSU students. The students were recognized for their award-winning submissions in this year’s Undergraduate Student Symposium and Undergraduate Film Festival, as well as the Fifth Annual Juried Student Exhibition (AJSE13) and the 10th issue of Digressions literary magazine.

“It’s great to see so many undergraduate students take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities for research and creative exploration at NSU,” said Don Rosenblum, Ph.D., dean of NSU’s Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences. “The quality of work exemplifies the dedication of these students and continued support of our faculty.”

Congratulations to the following undergraduate students who earned awards for their submissions:

Undergraduate Student Symposium

First Place—Poster Presentations

—Jackie Lynne Jornadal and Rajeswari Murugan | “Anticancer Effects of Pumpkin Seed Extracts on LNCaP Prostate Cancer Cell Line”

Second Place—Poster Presentations

—Sharbel Bousemaan | “Applications of Abstract Algebra Puzzle Modeling”

Third Place—Poster Presentations

—Beric Berlioz | “The Potential Effects of Various Concentrations of Saccharin Compared to Sucralose, Stevia, Aspartame, Sugar, and a Typical Diet on Gene Expression in Yeast”

—Nikki Joseph and Shivali Patel | “Apoptotic Effect of Lithocholic Acid on LNCaP Prostate Cancer Cell Line”

Honorable Mention—Poster Presentations

—Rachel Berger | “Individual Differences in Working Memory Capacity and Eyewitness Identification”

—Rina Bhalani and Tim Chung | “Histological Techniques Investigating the Occurrence of Metaplasia in Crassostrea virginica
—Elisa Dabbraccio | “Parasites of Invasive Snakeheads (Channa sp.) in Fort Lauderdale Canals”
—Dean Gardner | “A Social Interaction Model for the Formation of Local Hotspots of Criminal Activity”

—Nishant Patel and Kevin Shah | “New Findings and Characterizations of NBAii Complex May Hold Key to Drug Delivery”
First Place—Oral Presentations

—Kayla Caldwell | “Renewed Presence of the Free-Living Coral Psammocora stellata at Devil’s Crown, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador”
—Joshua Mathews | “Barcoding of the COX-1 Region in Lagenidium giganteum DNA”
—Yineth Sanchez | “A Comparative Study of the United States Response to Haiti’s 2010 Earthquake and Indonesia’s Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004”
—Sasha Strelitz | “‘Ferling,’ the Brightest City Light”

Second Place—Oral Presentations

—Noemi Bermudez and Faria Fatmi | “Increasing Crop Yield by Stimulating Bacterial Respiration with Agricom, an Agricultural Stimulant”

—Amal Ayoub and Aarabhi Rajagopal | “Evaluating the Impact of Cruise Ship Emissions on the Air Quality in South Florida”

—Natasha Vega-Valbuena | “The Effect of Secondary English Proficiency on the Reading Strategies of International Students”
—Melissa Villalobos | “Madness: Sense, Consequence, and Freedom”*

*Winner of American Association of University Women (AAUW) Award

Logo-Design Contest for 2014 Undergraduate Student Symposium
Winner: Albina Subkhangulova

Undergraduate Film Festival


First Place | Victor Mascitelli | Zombies: Round Two
Second Place | Malischa Oge and Miranda Schumes | Happy Me


Fifth Annual Juried Student Exhibition (AJSE13)

Best in Show | Kate Allen | Twice Broken (painting)
Second Place | Heather Kippenberger | Champ (charcoal drawing)

Third Place| Mikaela Myers | Untitled I & II (photography series)
Dean’s Choice Award | Felecia Bell | Broken Distraught (mixed-media sculpture)
Faculty Choice Award | Ricky Chen | Untitled (graphite drawing)

Faculty Choice Award | Fang-Yi Su | Untitled (gouache painting)
Division of Performing and Visual Arts Purchase Award
| Fraser Poorman | Woman (collage)

Honorable Mention | Isabeau Dornevil | Unmasked 1, 2 & 3 (photography series)
Honorable Mention | Fraser Poorman | Woman (collage)
Honorable Mention | Jessica Sanchez | Stelm (photography series)
Honorable Mention | Albina Subkhangulova | Dexter (charcoal drawing)
Honorable Mention | Nicole Woodward | My Girlfriend Is a Werewolf (gouache)




Winner—Short Fiction | Arielle Mejia-Garcia | Scene Out of the Life of an Introverted Book Geek, Vol. 1
Runner-Up—Short Fiction | Sasha Strelitz | Gals and Dolls
Winner—Poetry | Sasha Strelitz | Sister Morphine’s Requiem
Runner-Up—Poetry | Juan Antonio Miranda | Cigarette
Winner—Visual Art | Duy Truong | Girl with a Pearl Earring
Runner-Up—Visual Art | Alison Parente | Oz


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Visit the college’s online Photo Gallery to view pictures from the Undergraduate Student Symposium.

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