Undergraduate Students Recognized for Award-Winning Scholarship, Creative Works

Student Melissa Hewitt designed the winning logo (pictured) for next year’s Undergraduate Student Symposium.

The Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences hosted a ceremony and luncheon on April 21 to honor outstanding scholarship and creative works by NSU students. The students were recognized for their award-winning submissions in this year’s Undergraduate Student Symposium and Undergraduate Film Festival, as well as the Sixth Annual Juried Student Exhibition and the 11th issue of Digressions literary magazine. Congratulations to the following undergraduate students who earned awards for their work:

Undergraduate Student Symposium First Place—Poster Presentations —Olena Bracho and Cyril Manchery | “Using an Engineered Trojan Horse to Kill Nematodes”

Second Place—Poster Presentations —Kamila Albert | “Literature and Medicine Courses: Examining Descriptions, Making Connections” —Stephan Vanwoezik | “Manager View—An Interface for Generating Actionable Data from Repository Metrics”

Third Place—Poster Presentations —Katherine Cadwalader | “Creepy Is Quickest But Sexy Is Next: Evolved Psychological Mechanisms Impact Stimuli Processing Speed” —Ji Hae Hwang and Timothy Chung | “Histological Analysis Investigating the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill’s Impact on Gut Tissue of Crassostrea virginica”

Honorable Mention—Poster Presentations

—Joseph Deek, Jaime Gonzalez, Mikaela Edwards, and Courtney Cenkner | “Hawaiian Monk Seals—Record of Environmental Influence in an Endangered Species”

—Tiffany Kelly | “The NBA Draft: The Opportunity Costs of Early Entry” —Zara Khan | “Neural Stem Cells Proliferate in Vascular Niches in the Adult Mayan Cichlid Brain”

—Haley Nation, Omar Garcia, and Omar Viqar | “Mechanism of Apoptosis Induced by Phycocyanin in LNCaP and A549 Cancer Cells”

—Haley McKissack | “Predicting Porphyrin Basicity Using Semi-Empirical Methods”

—Biana Modilevsky | “Tetraphenylporphyrin Derivatives and Octalkyl Porphyrin Interactions in Cancer Cells” —Rayna Orsini | “Source Memory Recognition” —Divya Pandya, Arti Patel, and Emma Magner | “Particulate Matter Induces Opportunistic Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance”

—Ana Rehman | “Tail Spine Characteristics of the Yellow Stingray, Urobatis jamaicensis (Order: Myliobatiformes), of Broward County, Florida” —Matthew Welhaf and Deborah Radmanesh | “You’re Not as Dumb as You Think You Are: The Impact of a Metacognitive Reframing Intervention”

First Place—Oral Presentations —Anya Ellerbroek and Stephanie Hauck | “A Case Report of Improving Running Biomechanics through Movement Pattern Training in a Female Competitive Runner”

—Louize Fiore | “The Excessive Political Dominance over Doctors: How Texas’ Newest Abortion Regulations Violate Women’s Constitutional Rights”

—Karem Molinares and Roshni Patel | “Evaluating Common Ion Concentrations in Bottled Drinking Water and Local Marine Water”

—Christopher Rosario | “Unquestionable Misogyny in the Video Game Industry”*

Second Place—Oral Presentations —Nathaniel Dolan | “Philosophically Speaking, Capital Punishment Is Not the Answer” —Grace Ducanis | “An Incompatible Romance” —Nicholas Ledra | “Development of a Model Medical Device for At Home Diabetic Care Using Highly Active Derivatized Proteinase Enzyme”

—Jose Martinez and Mustari Akhi | “Sensation Seeking Behavior and Aggression: Predictors of Low Physiological Arousal Under Stress”

*Winner of American Association of University Women (AAUW) Award

Logo-Design Contest for 2015 Undergraduate Student SymposiumWinner: Melissa Hewitt

Undergraduate Film Festival First Place | Paola Zaidi | Full Time Moms, Full Time Heroes Second Place | Alessandra Sironi | Don’t Have Sight, Have Vision

 Sixth Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Best in Show | Brittney Winton | “The Anatomy of Heavy Reading”(altered book art) Second Place | Jenna Knafo | “Mattie”(charcoal on paper)

Third Place | Eileen Ahearn | “Past, Present, Future”(digital illustration) Dean’s Choice Award | Eileen Ahearn |“Past, Present, Future”(digital illustration) Dean’s Choice Award | Antonella Sanchez | “Invisible” (photography)

Dean’s Choice Award | Brittney Winton | “The Anatomy of Heavy Reading”(altered book art)

Faculty Choice Award | Britt Bellevue | “As Big As the Moon” (water color) Faculty Choice Award | Ariel Pittsinger | “Cut Dreams”(cut paper) Division of Performing and Visual Arts Purchase Award | Ursalina Aguilar | “Matrix Telephone Booth” (digital illustration) Division of Performing and Visual Arts Purchase Award |Jessica Sanchez | “Frank”(pen and ink) Honorable Mention | Peri Bowman | “Downtime”(altered book art) Honorable Mention | Jen Chia | “Don’t Play Me”(acrylic and oil)

Honorable Mention | Natalie Hernandez | “Sweet Dream”(oil on canvas)

Honorable Mention | Melissa Hewitt | “Masterpiece”(photography/digital typography)

Honorable Mention | Fang-Yi Su | “Sense and Sensitivity” (wire and wood)


First Place—Short Fiction | Linea Cutter | “Silent Snow” Second Place—Short Fiction | Joseph Fleming | “Danse Macabre” First Place—Poetry | Joseph Fleming | “I Saw You in the Morning Light” Second Place—Poetry | Jahnoi Rowe | “Mirror Image” First Place—Visual Art | Andrea Psomopoulos | Madison Second Place—Visual Art | Zara Khan | Untitled

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Visit the college’s online Photo Gallery to view pictures from the Undergraduate Student Symposium, Sixth Annual Juried Student Exhibition, and other college events.

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