Students Recognized for Award-Winning Scholarship and Creative Works

photo--Adam Abdulhafid
Adam Abdulhafid, biology major at the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, earned first place at the Undergraduate Student Symposium for his research poster, titled “A B-Cell-Driven Model of Antibody Response in an Immunocompromised System.”

“We are here to celebrate outstanding student scholarship and support from faculty across a wide range of disciplines,” said Don Rosenblum, Ph.D., dean of the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, at the college’s Apr. 23 reception honoring NSU undergraduate students’ award-winning work. Students were recognized for their contributions to this year’s Undergraduate Student Symposium , Undergraduate Film Festival, the 2012 issue of Digressions literary magazine, and the Fourth Annual Juried Student Exhibition.

Congratulations to the following students recognized for their award-winning scholarship and creative works:

Undergraduate Student Symposium

First Place | Dalia Faerman | Logo Submission for the 2013 Undergraduate Student Symposium

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Award
Jaibel Makiyil | “The Function of Sleep Disorders in Explaining Gender Differences in Adolescent Depression”

First Place—Poster Presentations
—Adam Abdulhafid | “A B-Cell-Driven Model of Antibody Response in an Immunocompromised System”

Second Place—Poster Presentations

—Reena Parikh | “Total Synthesis of Functionalized Acenes”

Third Place Poster—Presentations
—Nancy Sarmiento | “Angiotensin III Induced STAT3 Phosphorylation in Cultured Rat Astrocytes”

Honorable Mention—Poster Presentations
—Stephanie Chery | “Effect of Retinoic Acid on Osteogenesis of Human Umbilical-Cord Stem Cells”

—Jaibel Makiyil | “The Function of Sleep Disorders in Explaining Gender Differences in Adolescent Depression”

—Yaneve Shemesh, Kira Santos, Jamala Swindle, and Andrea Lopez | “Assessing the Importance of the Chelator EDTA on Binding of an Angiotensin II Analog to Neurolysin in Rat Testis and Brain Tissue Utilizing 3-Dimensional Modeling and Radioligand Binding”
—Jada Buckner, Kyle Gyarfas, and Anamaria Cretu | “Biomechanical Justification for Training Rowers with the Power Clean”
—Ahmed Ali, Kelsey Bragg, Catalina Breton, William Kotkin, and Jonathan Romanes | “Comparative Neurogenesis in the Brain of the Adult Mayan Cichlid”
First Place— Oral Presentations
—Amy Peters | “A Journey Brought to You in Part By: Improvisation”
—Ramey Alfarra | “The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Neurophysiological Measures of Emotion and Biochemical Measures of Stress”
—Raquel Prol, Enrique Serrano, and Hung Pham | “A Tale of Two Cities: Comparison of Air Quality Between Los Angeles & Miami Metropolitan Areas”
—Dan Abella | “Because You’re a Good Man…Right?: A Deconstructive Analysis of Flannery O’Connor’s ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find’”

Second Place—Oral Presentations
—Yineth Sanchez | “The Epistemological Status of Theoretical Simplicity”
—Ana Paula Delgado | “The Study of Lagenidium Giganteum Crinkler Genes”
—Melanie Campbell and Elizabeth Mortazavi | “Exploring a Potential Pathway for Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation in Urban Atmosphere by Laboratory Experiments”
—Irina Cossio and Belkis Rivas | “Bilingual Text Comprehension”

Undergraduate Film Festival
First Place | Esther Swilley | Loop Hole
Second Place | Charnele Michel | The Different Shades of Black
Third Place
| Amrish Ramnarine | Lady of the Night



Fourth Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Best in Show | Kate Allen | Rex Mortuus (charcoal)
Second Prize | Saraii Murrugarra | Untitled Diptych (photography)

Third Prize | Jeremy Cantor | 21st Century Thinking Man (digital collage)
Dean’s Choice Award | Sam Falk | The Bright Night
Faculty Choice Award | Sussy Lobo | Contemplation (charcoal)
Faculty Choice Award | Juan Aquino | Self-Portrait (charcoal)
Division of Performing and Visual Arts Purchase Award
| Natalie Hernandez | Cold Envious Stares (photography)
Honorable Mention | Yalila Perez | Sheephead Skull (charcoal)
Honorable Mention | Albina Subkhangulova | Friend of Foe (acrylic on canvas)

Honorable Mention | Natalie Hernandez | Cold Envious Stares (photography)

Honorable Mention | Takara Martin | Self-Portrait (spray paint, cardboard)

Honorable Mention | Juan Reyes | Retrospective (computer art)



Winner—Short Fiction | Dan Abella | A School Crisis
Runner-Up—Short Fiction | Joe Cirino | Come, Darkness Triumphant!
Winner—Poetry | Victoria Rajkumar | Ballad of Scales
Runner-Up—Poetry | Ari Deutsch | Lords and Gods of Light and Thunder
Winner—Visual Art | Natalie Hernandez | Bella
Runner-Up—Visual Art | Lacrima Nemulescu | Opiate to the Drains


Visit the college’s online Photo Gallery to view pictures from these events.


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