Undergraduate Students Honored for Success in Math Bowl and Problem Solving


NSU Math Brain Bowl and Matrix column "Problem of the Month"
Students were honored at a celebratory reception on Apr. 12 to recognize winners from this year’s Math Brain Bowl and Matrix column’s “Problem of the Month” contest.

NSU’s Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences hosted a celebratory reception on Apr. 12 to recognize winners from this year’s Math Brain Bowl and Matrix column’sProblem of the Month” contest.

Brain Bowl

Each year, several NSU students compete in the Math Brain Bowl, which pits teams in a tournament-style competition. It’s Jeopardy meets Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, with questions covering a variety of mathematical subjects.

Emerging victorious this year was the team Manifested Covariance, consisting of computer science major Sharbel Bousemaan and biology majors Rajeswari Murugan, Ifaz Parvez, and Miranda Persaud.


Matrix is an online column created by faculty in the college’s Division of Math, Science, and Technology. Each issue shows how math can apply to various disciplines, general life situations, and even humor. Matrix also features a “Problem of the Month” contest, open to all NSU students and alumni.

Congratulations to the following students who provided correct solutions to this year’s Matrix problems: Esteban J. De Anda, computer science major; Amirah Hill, chemistry major; Safiyah Muhammad, marine biology major; Sowjanya Thalanki Krishna Murthy, health science major at NSU’s College of Health Care Sciences; and Sheik Rahaman, computer engineering major.

Additionally, two students earned grand prizes for solving multiple Problem of the Month questions. Congratulations to Sharbel Bousemaan, computer science major, and Hung D. Pham, biology major.

Test Your Math Skills

To participate in next year’s Math Brain Bowl, contact Ricardo Carrera, Ph.D., associate professor at the college.

For more information about Matrix math column, contact Abdelkrim Bourouihiya, Ph.D., assistant professor at the college. Issues of Matrix are available online for viewing.

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