TEDxFtLauderdale a TED independently organized event

Organized along the theme of “Creative Broward,” this conference will be a six hour multi-sensory multimedia experience and feature eighteen of the county’s leading thinkers, innovators, artists, philosophers and entertainers representing such diverse fields as technology, entertainment, visual and performance art, design, music, healthcare, ecology, and education, among others.

DATE: December 10, 2011

Talk: noon to 6 p.m., Don Taft University Center Club Room;

Reception: 6pm to 9pm, Sales Institute, Carl DeSantis Building

CONTACT: Luis Nicola Aguilar, TED@NSU President, aguiluis@nova.edu, www.tedxftlauderdale.com

COST: $50 (Talk and Reception – includes hors d’ouvres); $30 (Reception only) – Tickets on sale a thttp://www.tedxftlauderdale.com/register.htm


This event is brought to you by TED@NSU student organization and TEDxFtLaurderdale.

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