Take the NSU IQ Scholarship Quiz and You Could Earn a $2500 Scholarship Award

Eligibility: Any full-time NSU undergrad and grad student (online or on-site) Quiz Dates: March 31 – April 13, 2013 (Top 25% advanced to the Championship Round) Awards: $2,500—first place undergraduate student $2,500—first place graduate student Details: The prizes will go to the highest-scoring undergraduate student and the high-scoring graduate student. Participants must register at CKSF’s website, www.cksf.org, to take the quiz. The quiz is composed of 15 multi­ple-choice questions about NSU, all of which can be previewed at www.nova. edu/nsuiq, before participants actu­ally begin the quiz. Sample Questions: The name of NSU’s mascot is  ________. Who is Wayne Huizenga? In what year was Nova University Founded? *************** About NSU IQ Scholarship Quiz: The NSU IQ scholarship quiz rewards students for learning interesting facts about Nova Southeastern University and scoring highest on an online, multiple-choice quiz.

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