Real Estate Career Panel (Nov. 9)

Come hear insights from professionals in the field. Network with industry professionals and learn about the real estate industry as a whole.

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“Conference Looks at the New Positive Energy for Baby Boomers”

The social and economic paradigms are changing so much for baby boomers that a new way of looking at the landscape has developed.
Economist Chris Farrell calls this “unretirement” and believes that it has important implications for thinking about the retirement years. This was the perspective that Farrell offered as the keynote presenter for “Baby Boomers: What’s Next for You?”– a conference recently held at NSU and co-sponsored by the Town of Davie, Boomer Breakthrough, and the university.

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Huizenga College of Business Visiting Professor Speaks at Egyptian Conference on Poverty and Food Waste

Dr. Nonet’s presentation was focused on the food that U.S. and European citizens waste while a large number of people suffer from limited access to food and…

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