Submit Your Work Now to Undergraduate Student Symposium (Now- Feb. 10)

Are you on the brink of a new discovery?

Perhaps you have academic research, artistic work, or a class assignment that you’d like to share with the NSU community. If so, consider submitting your work for the 2017 Undergraduate Student Symposium, hosted by the Farquhar Honors College.

sypposiumWhat is the Undergraduate Student Symposium?
The annual symposium is a one-day event that showcases the outstanding scholarship of NSU undergraduate students. The symposium features student projects and performances through oral presentations, paper submissions, poster displays, and short films (via the Undergraduate Film Festival).

What kind of work qualifies as scholarship?
Projects cover areas ranging from the experimental, applied, and computational to the theoretical, artistic, and literary. This includes class assignments and independent projects. The research does not have to be complete—presentations can represent any stage of a project’s evolution, from proposal and literature review to finalized experiments.

Who can submit work?
Undergraduate students from all NSU disciplines are welcome to submit their work for a chance to participate in the symposium. There is a competitive selection process, and each submission will be evaluated for possible inclusion in the symposium.

The symposium application is available online now–February 10. The 2017 Undergraduate Student Symposium will take place at NSU on Friday, April 7.

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