SHSS Student Presents at the 50th Anniversary Conference of the American Society for Cybernetics

Nozomu Ozaki
Nozomu Ozaki, M.S., doctoral candidate

Nozomu Ozaki, M.S., doctoral candidate in the Department of Family Therapy (DFT) in NSU’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) presented at the 50th Anniversary Conference of American Society for Cybernetics. The event was held at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. August 3-9.  The conference theme was “Living in Cybernetics.” Ozaki’s presentation was entitled “From Cybernetics to Family Therapy to Future Education.”

In addition to his doctoral studies, Ozaki is the coordinator for Community Resolution Services (CRS,) which offers a variety of services to the local community including training, workshops, consultation, conflict coaching, and conflict resolution intervention. For more information, please contact Ozaki at 954-262-4237 or via email or Judith McKay, J.D., Ph.D., director, at 954-262-3060 or email

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