3 thoughts on “Service In The City (Winter 2020)

  1. Good afternoon,

    You might consider offering some service opportunities on a day other than a Tuesday. I noticed all your service days are scheduled at the same exact day and time I have class and therefore can not participate. If you offered weekend or weeknight opportunities beyond Tuesday nights, I would be able and excited to contribute.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Colleen,
      Thanks for reaching out! Service in the City is only on Tuesdays this semester because of our affiliate’s availability. We do offer a variety of other service opportunities through the SLCE office that are on different days. For example, we host monthly days of services which are typically on a Saturday (sometimes on Sundays depending on the site). Further, we also have a new weekday opportunity called Coffee and Community Service that is on Wednesday mornings!

      If you are interested in any of these opportunities or learning about our other events, please visit the SLCE SharkHub page! You can also sign-up for our events here.

      Please feel free to reach out to us at slce@nova.edu or call at 954-262-7195 if you have more questions!

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