SEC SGA make their annual visit to the NSU Main Campus

February is a month known for NSU CommunityFest and for the Student Educational Centers it is known as the time of the year when all of the newly elected and returning Student Government Association (SGA) officers come together at the main campus for their new officer training and a chance to participate in NSU CommunityFest. The training was held from Thursday, February 10th to Sunday, February 13th. This year over 50 new and returning officers, along with their Student Affairs Coordinators, came together from NSU Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Miami-Kendall, Orlando, Palm Beach and Tampa to learn more about their positions, connect and for many reconnect, with their fellow officers from the other sites, and learn how to best meet the needs of their students at their respective sites. After a day full of a variety of sessions and great speakers, officers continued their traditions of recognizing their birthdays at Buca Di Peppo for dinner. Then the big day filled with NSU CommunityFest came, where all the SGA’s hosted a booth showcasing their Shark Pride. All SGAs and 2 NSU Fort Myers student organizations, Lend-a-Fin and Gay Straight Alliance, came out with their decorations and activities for their booths.

This year’s second annual SGA awards continued to show the recognition to the SEC’s SGAs’ hard work from the past year with a light dinner and reception at Gatsby’s Davie. The SGA Awards included: Best Educational Program, Resolution of the Year, the Shark Pride Award, Best Social Programs, Student Outreach Support (SOS) Award, the Volunteerism award, and the SEC SGA Spirit Stick award.

This year the Best Educational Program went to the Palm Beach SGA for providing a variety of chances for their students to learn outside of the classroom through Munch N’ Learns, community service opportunities or guest speakers. The Resolution of the Year went to the Jacksonville SGA for submitting a resolution that supported the students’ needs for a math tutor and showing how important it is to the students’ success at their site. The Shark Pride Award went to the Tampa SGA for their work of keeping the shark spirit strong at their site. The Best Social Programs Award went to the Orlando SGA for their diversity in their events along with increasing the amount of students attending each event. The Student Outreach Support (SOS) Award went to the Miami SGA for their work with increasing opportunities for students to get involved through new organizations based on the needs and interests of their students. The Volunteerism Award went to the Fort Myers SGA for their consecutive volunteer work within the community and supporting their volunteer organizations at their site. Lastly, the tradition continued with the SGA Spirit Award, given to the SGA displaying the most spirit during training and for the second year was won by the Fort Myers SGA for their ongoing school spirit.

The training was very successful and we look forward to seeing our students return next year!

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