Recyclemania 2018 (Feb. 5)

Recyclemania 2018Recyclemania is a nation-wide recycling competition between over 400 universities. We will be competing to see who can reduce the most waste. Join us for the first event to kick off the competition: the Sustainable Walk and Ride on February 5th from 6-8 at the Gold Circle Lake!

What is it?
Recyclemania is a recycling competition between 400 colleges throughout the nation. Millions of students compete to earn the title of top recycler!

When is it?
Kickoff is February 5! Come out to our Sustainability Walk and Ride to celebrate the start to a great competition.

How are we going to do it?
Each week, there will be a string of events hosted by a different organization to support our success in the competition. Come and show your support.

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