Professor from Center for Psychological Studies Served as Chairperson for Annual Police Psychology Symposium

Vincent Van Hasselt, Ph.D.Vincent Van Hasselt, Ph.D., professor of psychology, and director of the Family Violence Program at NSU’s Center for Psychological Studies, served as Chairperson for a Symposium at the Annual Meeting of the Consortium of Police and Public Safety Psychologists held in Amelia Island Florida.  The Symposium, entitled “The Role of the Psychologist in Crisis (Hostage) Negotiations,” included Judy Couwels, LMFT, Manager of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Employee Assistance Program and Robert Cipriano, Ph.D., of the SIMCO Group.  In addition to serving as chairperson, Van Hasselt presented a paper on “Suicide by Cop: Signs, Risk Factors, and Negotiation Strategies.” Conference attendees were police psychologists from across the United States, all with an interest in psychological assessment, prevention, and intervention strategies for law enforcement professionals.

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