PCHCS Hosts 11th Annual Ethics Bowl

On March 16, the Multicultural Affairs Committee hosted the HPD’s 11th annual Ethics Bowl competition, which featured eight student teams. Participating academic programs included the College of Nursing—Fort Lauderdale; the College of Dental Medicine; Anesthesiologist Assistant— Fort Lauderdale; the College of Nursing—Miami; the College of Osteopathic Medicine; Occupational Therapy— Fort Lauderdale; the College of Pharmacy; and Physical Therapy—Fort Lauderdale.

The teams competed in three rounds of ethical reasoning challenges that became more challenging throughout the night. Topics included potential risks to patients, possible discrimination in the workplace, and handling out-of-control patients. Each student team consisted of five students and a faculty coach, who cheered from the sidelines.

Rounds consisted of about 30 minutes of debate, with the field of teams being narrowed after each round. The team judges were HPD faculty members from a variety of health care fields.

The evening’s final round pitted College of Dental Medicine students vs. Physical Therapy—Fort Lauderdale students. Each team did a wonderful job presenting its arguments, and the judges had a difficult time picking the winner. Ultimately, the dental students won the final round, the title of 2017 Ethics Bowl champion, and a party for up to 30 friends at a local Quarterdeck restaurant. Additionally, the Anesthesiologist Assistant—Fort Lauderdale team won an ice cream social for having the most supporters turn out to cheer during the competition.

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