Over 100 Students Inducted into Undergraduate Honors Program

Inductees reciting the Honors College Pledge.
Inductees reciting the Honors College Pledge.

The Farquhar Honors College welcomed more than 100 new students into NSU’s Undergraduate Honors Program at an induction ceremony on August 23, 2015, at the Don Taft University Center. This marked the first inducted class of the newly established Honors College, which includes undergraduate students of all majors and faculty from across the university.

The Honors Program promotes academic excellence, campus and civic leadership and engagement, and the pursuit of professional goals by offering special coursework, reading groups, workshops, co-curricular events, and a support network to students from diverse academic disciplines. The program helps students prepare for graduate school, advanced research, study abroad, and post-baccalaureate fellowships.

On hand to welcome the program’s new members were Don Rosenblum, Ph.D., dean of the college, and George Hanbury, NSU President and CEO.

As Hanbury explained to the students, parents, and faculty in attendance, “We want every undergraduate to be mentored by a graduate student in his or her discipline. And we are guaranteeing that each undergraduate will have a paid internship—whether it’s in the arts, sciences, psychology, or any of the 11 colleges we have at NSU.” This commitment to providing undergraduate students with enhanced opportunities and support greatly influenced the university’s decision to establish the Honors College.

“Admission to the Honors Program reflects a personal and academic commitment,” Rosenblum said. “You are part of a select group of students, and you take on significant responsibility to represent your peers, this program, and the university. It is my highest expectation that the Honors Program encourages academic integrity, substantive engagement with faculty and peers, exploration of disciplinary and multidisciplinary inquiry, and development of a lifelong professional network and community—leading to a purposeful and meaningful life.”

Students at the ceremony came forward as their names were called, shook the dean’s hand, and received a pin. Together, they recited the Honors pledge to uphold the program’s core academic values and goals. Dean Rosenblum also recognized this year’s student Honors Advocates, who serve as liaisons for their fellow Honors students. The ceremony was followed by a luncheon.


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