NSU’s Biggest Loser Participants Complete Gold Circle Challenge

NSU's Biggest Loser participants.

If the 15 participants in the 2012 NSU’s Biggest Loser program are feeling a little sore, it may be from recently completing the Gold Circle Challenge, which consists of running 8 laps around NSU’s Gold Circle Lake. Between each lap, participants also completed sets of 30 squats, bicep curls, triceps pull downs, sit-ups, pushups, ab twists, arm extensions, and more.

During the Jan. 27 challenge, family members, friends, coworkers, and NSU students came out to cheer participants on as Radio X blasted jams guaranteed to keep everyone pumping.

A special congratulations goes out to Chris Pignetti, who came in first place! Participants will take on the Gold Circle Challenge again on March 30, to see how much they’ve improved. In the meantime here’s their baseline result:

1st – Christopher Pignette, Red Team (30:13)

2nd – Bill Lacava, Yellow Team (30:40)

3rd – Jonathan Killias, Red Team (31:42)

4th – Adrienne Lauer, Red Team (37:34)

5th – Brittney Trowell, Red Team (39:08)

6th – Susan Stewart, Blue Team (39:40)

7th – John Lewis, Blue Team (41:24)

8th – Karlyn Nelson, Blue Team (41:33)

9th – Heather Studenberg, Blue Team (41:40)

10th – Antoinette Murray, Yellow Team (42:25)

11th – John McAvoy, Yellow Team (42:27)

12th – Sarah Rohan, Yellow Team (42:29)

13th – Kevin Garfinkle, Red Team (46:20)

14th – Susie Gilot, Blue Team (49:50)

15th – Andra Liwag, Blue Team (51:28)

Initial weigh-in results for the group are also in. Combined, the 15 participants lost 55 pounds for a total percentage of 1.58! That averages out to about 3.6 pounds a person, give or take.

The breakdown by team is:

  • Red Team takes the lead with 25 pounds or 2.16% obliterated
  • Yellow Team holds the middle with 16 pounds or 1.44% torched
  • Blue Team rounds the group with 14 pounds or 1.15% gone forever

Keep up with all the 2012 NSU Biggest Loser happenings and cheer the participants on by following their blog at www.SlimmingWithSharks.wordpress.com.

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NSU Biggest Loser past participants.
This year's NSU Biggest Loser competitors gear up for the challenge.

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