NSU_eHACHERKS: Intro to CTF HackTheBox Workshop (Feb. 21)

For anyone who would like to start getting their foot on the door and start tumbling down the rabbit hole in the world of hackers (ethical ones, that is) come to our Introduction to Capture the Flag with HackTheBox. Free food will be provided during the workshop🍕

We’ll help you set up your virtual environment and install Kali Linux (the Swiss army knife of hackers) to get you started for CTF activities.

Your laptop, at least 20 GBs of storage and 2GBs of RAM memory for the 32bit version.

We’ll have activities for both the beginners as well as the more proficient hackers that join us in HackTheBox.

Please RSVP (so we can have enough food for everyone) by sending an email to: nsu_ehackers@groups.mynsu.nova.edu

Follow us on Instagram: @nsu_ehackers

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