NSU Puerto Rico Campus SGA Thanks “Bringing To Your Table” Donors

The Student Government Association from Nova Southeastern University Puerto Rico Campus would like to thank every person that contributed to the crowdfunding campaign, Bringing To Your Table. They surpassed their $1600 fundraising goal (raising $1620).

Every “share” and “like” on social media, and donation helped this campaign become a success. The donations will impact more than 40 families with needs in Puerto Rico. The group was able to purchase rice, beans, pasta, assorted fruits and vegetables, as well as adult and children diapers.

Puerto Rico and the whole world have been experiencing difficult situation, but our community has risen by helping each other. As Howard Zinn says: “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the whole world”. Thanks for your contribution, your helped families during this pandemic.

The main purpose of the campaign is to bring food to houses. Puerto Rico government had decided to establish a curfew when the first case of this virus was discovered in the island. Due to the curfew plenty of businesses had to close their doors to public and Puerto Ricans are losing their jobs. Also, schools have been closed leaving plenty of children without their daily meals. After a picture posted on Facebook by a father desperate to get food to his table this has been a concern to many. Michelle Valentin a social worker began this movement called “Aportando a tu mesa” when she went to this house to bring food to their family.

Students from SGA joined in the cause to help the most vulnerable families and bring food to their table.



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