NSU Jacksonville Takes a Scary Trip to St. Augustine

The Jacksonville Student Government Association recently hosted an NSU Night Out to St. Augustine where students of various academic programs got to mix and mingle while enjoying free appetizers at Chili’s before heading to the haunted house compound known as “Warehouse 31”. Students headed through the 18,000 square foot indoor haunted house which boasts $600,000 in equipment and props, as well as dozens of actors! When asked if it was scary, PA student Brandon Mitchell reported, “Our group definitely had some moments!” Rooms included an inflatable claustrophobia room, a garden of statues, and the autopsy room, among others. NSU students also got to go through a second circus-themed maze wearing 3-D glasses. We’re happy to report that all students came out okay!

To get more information about upcoming NSU Jacksonville events, email Cathy O’Brien, Coordinator of Student Affairs, at SAJax@nova.edu.

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