NSU Jacksonville Campus Represented at ‘Walk Now for Autism Speaks’

NSU Jacksonville at Walk Now for Autism Speaks
Team from NSU Jacksonville Campus at Walk Now for Autism Speaks event.

Twenty-seven enthusiastic individuals represented Team NSU Jacksonville at the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event. Many thanks to the students, family members, and friends who walked with us! Your continuous help and support brought much needed awareness and fund raising for Autism Speaks within our community. Since its founding in February 2005, Autism Speaks frequently generates vital funds for autism research and awareness. NSU Jacksonville was proud to be a part of this community event and is eager to continue its involvement with the organization in the future. Thank you Sharks and SWAP members!

For more information about Walk Now for Autism Speaks and other community events that NSU Jacksonville are involved with, contact the Assistant Director of Student Affairs at the Jacksonville Regional Campus, Cathy O’Brien, at sajax@nova.edu

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