NSU Switches Online Course Lecture Tools

go to meeting/go to traingStarting the fall 2015, all courses using online lecture tools will be hosted with the GoToTraining/GoToMeeting tool.

Students will be able to join online lectures without needing to create a ‘GoTo’ account.

For a quick GoToTraining Attendee tutorial click here.

If you experience any issues in GoToTraining/GoToMeeting, call Citrix technical support at (888) 259-8414 (24/7), or contact the Help Desk at (1-800) 541-6682 ext. 24357 or (954) 262-4357.

For specific problems, contact support below:


Student Help Desk(954) 262-4357 Citrix Technical Support(888) 259-8414

Audio issues – static, feedback, no audio, etc…


Installing GoToMeeting/GoToTraining


Joining a session from INSIDE Blackboard


Joining a session OUTSIDE Blackboard

Webcam issues  x

For tutorials and related documentation, please refer to the Learning Systems section at http://nova.edu/help/students/index.html

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