NSU CONNECT: Linking Alumni with Continuing Education, Networking, and Employment Opportunities

NSU ConnectTHE RECENTLY LAUNCHED NSU Connect platform (nsuconnect.net) is quickly becoming a one-stop resource for alumni.

Described by R.J. Stamper, director of alumni relations, as a “combination of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter,” the newly designed site is more than a social network, although being able to unite with former classmates is a definite perk. In addition, faculty members enjoy reconnecting with former students.

“There are such bittersweet feelings on graduation day. On one hand, we are thrilled to see our students be successful and receive the degrees they worked so hard to earn. On the other hand, we are sad to say goodbye as they leave us and enter the workforce,” said Carole Zangari, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, associate professor and executive director of the NSU Satellite Center for Autism and Related Disabilities. “NSU Connect gives me the chance to stay connected to them to celebrate their achievements and continue to be a mentor.”

Currently, on nsuconnect.net, the College of Health Care Sciences primarily provides information on both online and traditional continuing education workshops, as well as allied health publications. As membership increases, however, the college is adding job postings, mentorship options, and program groups.

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