NSU Business Students Gain Valuable Insight Through Summer Internships

Congratulations to 16 NSU Huizenga Business School students for successfully completing summer internships! All gained invaluable business experiences and increased the value of their resumes.

Undergraduate–Marketing: Erin Riley, M. Silver Associates; Julia Salmio, Marsaana Communications in Finland; Gary Sands, Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co. in the Bahamas; Andrew Bell, Entertainment Benefits Group. Finance: Jordan Victoire, CONCACAF (Confederation of North Central American & Caribbean Association Football). HR: Kristina Eric, Royal Caribbean Training & Development; Cassandra Gardenhire, The Collection. Operations: Daniel Jelambi, Shell Aerospace Supplies.

Master’s students: Michael Tenen, Perry Ellis International; Dana  Rogozinski,  Delray Beach International Tennis Championship; Christy Woods, U.S. Postal Service; Jennifer Gil Rodriguez, Viajes El Corte Inglés, Inc./ECI Travel; Mariana Talavera, Darwin Chemical Company; Jose Delgado Almandoz,  Overseas USA;  Natacha Campello Lemos, Dasan, Inc. in New York; Syama Reyes, O. Entertainment Group.

Gary Sands spent 2½ months organizing a promotional event in Abaco, Bahamas, which included sculling and sailing races and huge evening party, with all the proceeds donated to the local library for new computers.  “I was able to grasp what marketing is in a real-world environment”, said Sands. “Adapting to culture plays a huge roll in marketing, as I learned, from TV commercials, posters, banners, radio ads, and so forth.”

Cassandra Gardenhire gained important insights into the many roles of a Human Resource generalist. Gardenhire says “My internship gave me an overall picture of HR, including direct involvement in recruitment and selection, from screening resumes to new-hire orientations.”



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