Nova Trial Association and Shepard Broad College of Law Presented Trial Advocacy Summer Institute

TASI Group Photo

A five-day intensive program, Trial Advocacy Summer Institute (TASI), was held at the Shepard Broad College of Law on August 11 – 15. The 28 law students who attended were given an introduction to basic skills needed to try basic cases.

Students practiced incrementally throughout the week learning how to develop a case theory, then practicing opening statements, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, and closing statements. The students then brought all their newly-learned skills together on the last day by participating in a final trial.

Professor Megan F. Chaney, associate professor of law and director of trial and appellate advocacy at the college of law, and Yineth Sanchez (3L), president of Nova Trial Association (NTA) created and organized TASI along with several NSU Law faculty and NTA Officers.  NSU Law faculty, local attorneys and judges were guest instructors in the program.  At the end of the week, the students gained an appreciation of trial work and were inspired to learn more.

NSU instructors included:  Associate Dean & Professor Timothy Arcaro, Berkin Aslan (JD 2015), Jason B. Blank, Esq. (JD 2006), Professor Megan F. Chaney, Professor Michael J. Dale,  Ted Daus, Esq., (JD 1991) , Professor Mark Dobson, Alexander Hunt, Esq., Assistant Dean & Professor Michele Struffolino, and H. Dohn Williams, Esq.

 Guest Instructors were: Jessica Bartell, Esq., (JD 2014), Richard Bergman, Esq., Suzi Bloom, Esq., Kathleen Bogenschutz, Esq. (JD 2009), Alixandra Buckelew, Esq. (JD 2013), Ramon Crego, Esq., The Honorable Robert F. Diaz (JD 1984), Brooke Latta, Esq. (JD 2013), Charles B. Morton, Jr., Esq., Armand Murach, Esq. (JD 2013), Kathleen O’Brien, Esq. (JD 2011), Imabel M. Ocasio, Esq., Harold Pryor, Esq. (JD 2012), Anthony H. Quackenbush, Esq., The Honorable Mindy F. Solomon (JD 1981), John Tolley, Esq. (JD 2014), Vanessa Tolley, Esq. (JD 2014), The Honorable Michael Usan,  and Juan Carlos Perez, Jr., Esq.

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