Nova Southeastern University Unveils New Title IX- Sexual Misconduct Webpage

The university, in compliance with the spirit of various federal and state laws is committed to adopting a policy and fostering an environment where no individual may threaten the health, safety, and welfare of a member of the university community, including any person on university property or at a university-sponsored or -supervised activity, through the commission of an act of sexual misconduct. For purposes of this policy, sexual misconduct encompasses a range of behaviors that create a hostile environment, including acts of dating violence, sex-based discrimination, domestic violence, intimidation, retaliation, sexual assault (including acquaintance rape), sexual exploitation, sex-based stalking and sexual harassment. The current sexual misconduct policy of the university is accessible online at

In addition to the sexual misconduct policy, relative NSU events are spotlighted. We encourage you to view national resources, sexual misconduct campaigns, prevention related apps, and awareness videos featured. All students have access to the Rights and Options for Victims of Sexual Misconduct Brochure located at to assist in understanding victim rights and options.
The NSU community is encouraged to report to the local police (9-1-1) and NSU Public Safety Department (extension 28999 on campus and (954) 262-8999 off campus) for all occurrences of sexual misconduct.

For more information about NSU’s sexual misconduct policy, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Gay Holliday at

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