Join a Discussion on the Nature of Fundamental Forces in Physics

Speaker Diego CastanoAs part of the new Science Colloquium Series, the NSU Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences invites the community to a discussion of some aspects of physics’ elusive “Theory of Everything.”

“Sidelights on the Theory of Everything”

Speaker: Diego Castano, Ph.D., associate professor at the college

Monday, March 23
Noon–1:00 p.m.

Carl DeSantis Building | Knight Auditorium (Room 1124)

The holy grail of fundamental physics is referred to as the “Theory of Everything.” In the quest for the Theory of Everything, physicists have uncovered some arcane facts about the fundamental, existential forces in the universe. It is thought that there are only four of these forces: gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear, and strong nuclear. All other identifiable forces are derivative or emergent from these.

Although the four fundamental forces are distinct and have generally disparate realms of applicability, they all share an important, innate characteristic. The aim of the talk is to expound on the nature of these fundamental forces.


About the Series

The Science Colloquium Series, sponsored by the college’s Division of Math, Science, and Technology, provides an open forum for sharing scientific research and illuminating topics of current interest. The series features presentations by NSU science faculty and students, as well as invited guests from the greater scientific community.

For more information, contact Bryan Armentrout, Ph.D., assistant professor at the college, at (954) 262-8076.

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