Invisible Children’s Face to Face Tour Comes to NSU to Raise Awareness of Plight of Child Soldiers in Uganda

The Invisible Children Face to Face Tour recently came to NSU to help raise awareness about children who are abducted and forced to fight as soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group currently terrorizing central east Africa.

The group, which is a media-based non-profit dedicated to ending Africa’s longest-running war, also hosted a screening of the short film GO during the free Oct. 7 event. At NSU, event participants met:

  • Monica, 21, who was orphaned because of Africa’s longest running war. Despite these trials, she has been a top performing student from Aware Secondary School and will be starting at the university in the near future.
  • Irene, who works on the frontlines at Invisible Children’s office in Pader, Uganda.

The pair answered questions and introduced the film GO, which was made in 2007 and documents 20 American students journeying into Africa’s longest running war.

The event was organized by NSU students Maria Espinola, Nayla Daou, and Timothy Kimuli. Espinola is working on her doctorate and serves as the president of the Student Coalition for Human Rights (SCHR) on campus. Daou is also a doctoral student and serves as the Coordinator of the SCHR Committee on Children’s Rights. Kimuli, who is originally from Uganda, is an undergraduate senior and serves as the Coordinator of the SCHR Committee on African Issues.

For more information, please visit or call 954-380-2119.

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