Freedman Sounds Off on Arnold Palmer Cup and Life After NSU

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Following All-American efforts both on and off the golf course in 2018, Jamie Freedman saw her memorable collegiate career come to a close earlier this month with a once-in-a-lifetime appearance at the Arnold Palmer Cup in Évian-les-Bains, France. On Tuesday, the former Nova Southeastern standout was kind enough to take a moment to speak upon her experience with Team USA, as well as her time as a Shark and what lies ahead in the near future.

Describe your overall experience, both on and off the course, during your time in France.

“Having the opportunity to travel to France to represent the USA is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The golf course was absolutely incredible, as one would expect since an LPGA major is played there every year. The people in France were nothing but welcoming and eager to help us with anything we needed. The overall experience was amazing.”

What was it like to represent the United States and know you were playing for something bigger than usual?

“In my opinion, being able to represent your country and play for not only your country, but for your teammates, is the biggest honor in any sport. Of course there was some self-imposed pressure that I think any athlete puts on themselves when playing for something even greater.”

Did you feel you had a bit more to prove being the lone player from Division II?

“I don’t believe there was more to prove being the only Division II player. Everyone chosen was there for a reason, but I definitely wanted to represent my division to the best of my abilities. Also, I had played other events with some of the girls and knew the type of players they were and the level of competition that was going to be out there.”

Did you have any previous relationships with any of the players in the field? What was the camaraderie like between everyone?

“I didn’t know anyone very well in particular, but had played many junior and amateur events for years with both the girls and boys. The golf world is very small and you always have some sort of connection to different players through other friends, so it makes it easier to start friendships. Because we were there with one goal in mind – trying to keep the Palmer Cup in the USA – the camaraderie was nothing but great. Supporting each other on the course and following the conclusion of matches was very important.”

What did you take away from the event that may benefit you moving forward in the game of golf?

“I was able to make a lot of great connections with representatives from companies I would love to work with in the future, as well as play Evian Golf Club, where I hope to play in the LPGA major one day. As is the case with all great events, you learn more about your own game and some areas I hope to work on to continue growing as a golfer.”

What did it mean to be the first women’s player from NSU to be selected to the Arnold Palmer Cup?

“I definitely think this was the coolest aspect for me, not just being the first woman from NSU but also being a part of the first women’s team in Palmer Cup history. Having women’s golf added to such a great event is a huge step for the growth of the game. Representing NSU is always an honor that I cherish and represent loud and proud.”

Assess your time at NSU. Coming in as a freshman, could you have ever imagined this type of success and experience?

“Coming into NSU, I always imagined myself growing as a person/player and wanting to win a National Championship. Though we were disappointed this year, not finishing where we envisioned, there was a lot of success and records that will always be remembered. I have learned a lot in my four years in the classroom and on the golf course, but the cherry on top to close my senior year was being picked for the APC (Arnold Palmer Cup).”

Rewind back through your four years at NSU, what are your fondest memories? Where does the Arnold Palmer Cup rank?

“Looking back on my four years, I have nothing but amazing memories and some accomplishments I am very proud of. My freshman year, I was awarded the Kim Moore Spirit Award at nationals in Michigan for overcoming adversity and moving towards success. My sophomore year, I was able to win the Super South Regional individually as well as with the entire team. During my senior year, I was then able to open the fall season with an individual win before rounding out my career with an Arnold Palmer Cup selection, as well as First Team All-American and Scholar All-American honors. I can’t say that some accomplishments outweigh others, but the APC definitely finished my senior year off on the right foot.”

What’s the next step in your career?

“For now, I plan to take one year off before I go back for law school. In the meantime, I hope to play in some golf tournaments and gain some experience in the law area so I can continue to grow as a person in all areas of my life.”

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