Free Seminar by Rajesh Jagasia on “ Seeing Beyond Stress”

Free Seminar“Internationally acclaimed teacher of meditation and yoga on tour from India”.

When: April 22nd from 6 pm -7 pm

Where: Room # 200, Rosenthal Student Center,  Nova Southeastern University

RAJESH JAGASIA, a graduate in Electronic Engineering from Mumbai University, India, has been teaching meditation and yoga for the last 13 years. After working as a successful professional in a multinational software company for eight years, Rajesh opted to do something that was close to his heart. He started seeking and responding to new challenges pertaining to youth in a very unique and exciting way, by becoming an instructor with the Art of Living Foundation.

He has spoken and taught meditation at many prestigious universities and institutions around the world, in India, Middle East, far-east and United States. He has a great sense of humor and connects well with audience of all ages and background. Besides meditation, Rajesh loves to cook, listen to music and staying fit with tennis.



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