Flocking Out Cancer–Relay For Life’s Flamingo Fundraiser

Let’s fight against cancer in a fun way by purchasing a flamingo (complete with fun nicknames), for your friends, for yourself, or for your Relay For Life team!

Orders will be collected between January 21 and February 18. To place your order, please use the order form here and email completed form to at716@nova.edu. We will contact you at the information provided on the form to collect the money for your order. Flocking will happen sometime in March. Anyone can make donation by purchasing a flamingo but due to geographic limitation, the purchased flamingos can only go to student(s) living on campus for flocking campaign. The flamingo(s) will be placed outside the student’s respective residence hall.

Team Flamingos will be asked to attend Relay For Life events for team points, and will be entered into a Fashion Contest during Relay – the winner will be the flamingo with the most donations.

flocking flamingos--relay for lifeFlocking Campaign (on-campus only)

$6—put a flamingo in yard outside respective NSU residence hall with name on it.
$10—buy a flamingo and keep it as a team pet
$15—by a patriotic flamingo and keep it as a team pet

For more information about this campaign, please contact Alixandria Tucci at at716@nova.edu.

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