NSU Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences Announces New Majors, Minors for 2013–2014

Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences Announces New Majors, Minors for 2013–2014

Beginning this fall, the NSU Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences will offer four new bachelor’s degree programs and three new undergraduate minor programs of study. To enroll in one of these programs, contact NSU’s Undergraduate Academic Advising Center at (954) 262-7990.

B.S. in Anthropology
The anthropology major focuses on the study of human beings and their cultural interaction. It examines topics such as how humans have evolved culturally and physically, how people organize themselves in societies, how individuals behave in groups, and how people make a living in societies. Students enrolled in this major also study the relationships between cultures and their effects on humankind.

 B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience

The behavioral neuroscience major focuses on the biological basis of behavior by exploring the role of the nervous system in normal and abnormal behavior, thought, and emotion. The program prepares students to pursue entry-level positions in such areas as biomedical research and the pharmaceutical industry or graduate education in such disciplines as neuroscience, psychology, pharmacology, medicine, and neurobiology.

B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies
The human development and family studies major fosters critical, independent thinking and an empirical framework for understanding the development of individuals and families across the lifespan. It prepares students interested in working with individuals in varied settings—from public and nonprofit agencies to business and governmental agencies—as well as students pursuing graduate education in the social, behavioral, and health sciences.

B.S. in Public Administration
Students enrolled in the public administration program prepare for entry-level management positions in government and nonprofit organizations. The major provides a foundation for advanced academic work in public administration, public policy, and public management. It is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on subject matter as diverse as finance, political science, management, labor relations, organizational behavior, public policy, and law.

 Minor in Geographic Information Science
Geographic information science has become an essential foundation for numerous disciplines that require location-based analysis. This minor provides an understanding of geographic tools, software and hardware, techniques, and spatial methodologies for use in the natural, social, and behavioral sciences, as well as in business and economics.

Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The Latin American and Caribbean studies minor provides a broad interdisciplinary base for students planning careers involving Latin American and Caribbean peoples. Students can complete the minor as a means of enhancing their ability to work and live in an increasingly interdependent, multicultural hemisphere.

Minor in Studio Art

The studio art minor provides the opportunity to explore various artistic media, techniques, and processes in a studio setting. The program allows students to integrate creative and artistic practice with other academic or research pursuits, as it complements a variety of majors including those in theater, science, arts administration, and education.

With these additions, the NSU Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences offers 35 undergraduate majors, 53 undergraduate minors, two graduate programs, and three certificate programs. For more information, visit www.fcas.nova.edu/programs.

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