Explore the Mathematical Constant Pi (π) at Two Presentations

Pi Day

Join the NSU Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences in celebrating Pi Day—and learn more about the infinite mathematical constant—at two events. Pi Day is observed each year on March 14 because 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of pi in decimal form.

“Pi: The Search for Randomness”
Mathematics Colloquium Series
Eric Samansky, Ph.D., associate professor
Wednesday, March 11
Noon–1:00 p.m.
Mailman-Hollywood Building Auditorium

Around Pi Day 2013, actor George Takei posted on Facebook that the number pi contains any finite string of digits. In actuality, this conjecture has not been proven but may conceivably be proved in the future, and many numbers hold this property.

This talk will examine what we know and what we still don’t know about the randomness of the digits of pi––followed by a discussion of different types of numbers, such as irrational numbers, transcendental numbers, and so-called normal numbers. The discussion will then explore different random number generators and the relationship between pi and e.

Hosted by the college’s Division of Math, Science, and Technology, the Mathematics Colloquium Series aims to increase awareness of mathematics’ importance and applications in daily life. The series also gives mathematics faculty members and students the opportunity to discuss independent research and share their passion for the subject.

For more information, contact Vehbi Paksoy, Ph.D., associate professor at the college, at (954) 262-7995 or Iuliana Stanculescu, associate professor at the college, at (954) 262-7994.

Student Presentations
Speakers: Polina Abratenko, Ly Nguyen, and Priscila Reyes
Friday, March 13
Noon–1:00 p.m.
Mailman-Hollywood Building | Room 309

For more information, contact Shahla Nasserasr, Ph.D., assistant professor, at (954) 262‐7973 or snasserasr@nova.edu.



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