Events to Offer Two Cents on Copper Industry, Inside Look at Siege of Sarajevo

Bill CarterIn a special two-day event, the NSU Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences will welcome author, filmmaker, and activist Bill Carter to the NSU campus. Carter will discuss the pros and cons of the copper industry, as well as share his award-winning film documenting the Siege of Sarajevo. The events are supported by the Stolzenberg-Doan Family Endowment, sponsored by James Doan, Ph.D., professor at the college.

“Boom, Bust, Boom: The Metal That Runs the World”

Wednesday, Feb. 19
6:00 p.m.
Carl DeSantis Building | Room 1052

In this talk, Carter will speak about his latest book—Boom, Bust, Boom: A Story About Copper, The Metal That Runs the World. From pennies and printmaking to wiring and dieting, copper is a key component in many elements of life. But, copper can also cause many problems, particularly for the environment. Although pivotal to production, copper mining releases several pollutants into the air and water. Is our dependence on copper products worth the environmental price?

“Bosnia, U2, and the Siege of Sarajevo” | Film Screening and Discussion

Thursday, Feb. 20
5:00 p.m.
Mailman-Hollywood Building | Second Floor Auditorium

Carter will discuss his experiences in helping to deliver relief supplies to Sarajevo and living there during the city’s devastating siege from 1992–1995. He will describe the events that led to his award-winning book, Fools Rush In, and documentary, Miss Sarajevo. As part of the presentation, Carter will screen Miss Sarajevo, which tells the story of the siege through the eyes of those most affected. Bono, frontman of renowned rock band U2, served as executive producer for the film.

Both events are free, and all are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact Gary Gershman, J.D., Ph.D., professor at the NSU Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, at (954) 262-8211.

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